Female White Oriental born 6/26/09

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SGCA Ranchcats Domino of Saroko

Female Siamese kitten from Starr. Born 7/28/03

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After 41 years of breeding Siamese and Orientals, Saroko Cattery is closed for breeding. Saroko Snow Blossom. our last female has been spayed. All of our studs have been placed. We are showing Ranchcats Domino of Saroko as an Alter in 2014.

We hope you will spend some time looking our efforts to create unique photographs of our Siamese and Orientals. Most of the photographs are of my kittens and have been created by me, unless otherwise indicated. Be sure to check out my Cat Show Pictures. There are over 2500 pictures from more than 70 TICA and CFA cat shows.

Saroko Cattery has been a breeder of Siamese and Oriental kittens since 1969. We breed to TICA and CFA show standards. Most of our babies are dual litter registered in both TICA and CFA. Our felines have received many regional and international show awards.  Eclipse has won the TICA Lifetime Achievement Award.    Belles Starr,  got her best in show win for Supreme Grand Champion on Jan. 20, 2002.   Klazeekats Southernspirit of Saroko retired from showing as a triple Grand to make way for Karma. Saroko Southern Karma.   made Supreme Grand Champ in her 4th show. Thanks to Judge Harvey DeVilbiss who gave her best cat in his ring. Also she won the Sam Bass award for Best of the Best Siamese at the 3 day Austin Show. Kismit got 3 best kitten awards in his first show, 6/14-15/2003. Pixel has won his Lifetime Achievement Award. 

We show extensively in TICA and occasionally in CFA. 

Saroko Nite Rider  the 2005-2006 season has ended. Rider is  Best International Oriental Kitten of the year as well as 13th International Kitten. (Pedigree) He was Best of the Best kitten out of 120 at the On Safari Show in Riverside, CA 10/29-30/2005. He won Best Allbreed Kitten in a class of 121 from Judge Aline Noel at the TICA annual show 9/5-6/2005,  in Syracuse, NY. He had 4 Best Allbreed Kitten awards in Tucson, 12/3-4/2005.

Starr's picture has been featured in the centerfold position of Katherine Roger's new book "Cat".

Leggy, a green eyed white Oriental male, sired 2 litters and was altered. He now has a new home. Picture   8 Months Old  

Saroko Princess Grace     Pedigree  She is a blue point female. She made Quad Grand at the New Braunfels show 4/1-2/2006. In CFA she made grand 12/2/06. She had 7 Kittens born June 4, 2006 sired by Rider. 

Saroko Nite Rider went to his first show as an adult Cat 12/10-11/2005. He was 2nd best cat in the show and made double grand champ. Rider made Supreme Grand on 3/18/06 at the Alabama Paws and Claws show when Judge Al Walbrun picked him as Best shorthair cat.

 Noni   has won Best International Siamese Alter, 3rd Best Allbreed SC Region Alter and 15th Best International Alter for 2004-2005. Noni has won a regional top 20 win this year and his Lifetime Achievement award.

Kaffee has won Best International Chocolate Oriental for 2004-2005. She had 6 male Ebony Orientals in  her first litter April 5,2005. Picture  We have decided to keep one. Introducing Nite Rider

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