Saroko Cattery: Siamese & Oriental Kittens
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Saroko Cattery Information
College Station, TX

Saroko Cattery has been breeding Siamese and Oriental kittens since 1969. We breed to TICA and CFA show standards. Most of our kittens are dual litter registered in both TICA and CFA. Our cats and kittens have received many regional and international awards. We show extensively in TICA and occasionally in CFA.

Our line is based on cats from Felitan , Shonstar and Angkor Rose catteries.

We have only 3 breeding females at the present time and therefore have only 3-5 litters a year. Approximately 1/3 the litters will be CFA Siamese. At this time we are only getting seal and blue point Siamese. I have a new breeding Oriental, Kaffee. She has already produced the best Oriental kitten in the world, Rider.

Kittens are born in our bedroom and for the first 5 weeks are attended to day and night. At five weeks they are moved to the kitchen and learn to use the litter box. At 5-7 weeks they start to eat regular canned cat food. When they are litter box trained, at about 8 weeks, they get to have the run of the house. When they are 3 months old, the ones designated as pets can begin to go their new homes. Show kittens are kept here until they are about 4 months old to make sure that they are developing the proper show qualities. Some faults that can disqualify show animals show up from 8-12 weeks of age.

We prefer to have our kittens picked up in College Station, TX or at cat shows we frequent, but we do ship them to various locations in the US.

Kitten prices are subject to use, quality and availability. Generally, Siamese kittens sold, as pets without breeding rights, are $500 picked up at my house or at a cat show that I am at. Orientals start at $500.  Breeder and Show start at $1000. Shipping, if required, is about $225.



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Updated on  06/03/07