Saroko Cattery: Siamese & Oriental Kittens
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Saroko Princess Grace 
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Kitten prices are subject to use, quality and availability. Generally Siamese kittens sold, as pets without breeding rights, are $500 picked up at my house or at a cat show that I am at. Orientals start at $500. Breeders and Show are $1000. Shipping on Continental, if required, is about $240. 


Snow Blossom was bred 4/7/2010.




The kittens below have all been sold

Blue Point Females


Show Quality Blue Male 

Oriental Kittens & 1 Siamese

Blue Orientals

Blue point Siamese and a white Oriental

Orientals and Siamese

Snow Blossom before her 9 kittens arrived, 9/24/2008

See kittens in a movie at 5 weeks   Dinner Time

3 Pregnant Girls - 7/18/03

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